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Healing yourself through judging others

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Do you find yourself complaining about behaviour of others sometimes?

Feeling quilty afterwards because you should know better and not act so “low vibrational”?

Don’t worry. You are just presented with an old pattern that want healing.

Every time you see a flaw in someone else, it is exactly that flaw that wants healing in yourself.

Do you know the expression, “When you point the finger, you can point it back to yourself threefold”?

So don’t judge yourself for blaming the other but use the opportunity to turn the finger back at yourself and try to find exactly that habbit that you are accusing the other for.

Find your “flaw”, and in your heart, thank that beautiful teacher that you are pointing at, who was willing to take on “such a nasty streak 😉, and show you your “low vibrational” blockage so you can see your issue in the eye, forgive yourself.

After this realisation you might find that the other person finds no reason to show that same habbit anymore.

And if they do?

Then you have got some more work to do! 😉

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