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How to create Self discipline and stay "on coarse"?

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Does starting your own blogpost and share the world that you are going to post everyday ,then boldly publish it, realy works?

For the ones that have cracked this code, this would be a proces without much problem, but for the ones still figuring things out this way does not allways work, does'nt it?

So what is underneath this "striving" that allways seems to be in the way of achieving something if not implemented correctly? What is that forse that seems to hinder you from finding freedom on the other side of it?

As an astrologer I work with archetypical energies that influence our lives and through the understanding of astrology I might be able to explain the force behind "Self dicipline" and its reason for feeling like such a pain untill mastered where it becomes your biggest friend for freedom and succes.

Selfdiscipline, structure, responsibility, maturity and time are all energetically ruled by the loving planet Saturn.

Saturn functions as a portal from the lower personal energies to the higher wordly energies. It makes you aware of reality and teaches you what you might have to let go off or re-organize in order to gain your highest potential.

Saturn invites you to feel what is important to you and helps you to make a mature and committed choice for that direction.

Saturn, as an energy that resembles the element"Earth", helps you to make "things" or "ideas" real and tangible.

So when you choose to create something, you need regular attention on that subject for it to come to fruition.

With creating something you subconsiously invite the energy of Saturn to support you to get things done.

Saturn longs commitment, choice and regularity. This is its highest expresion and without commitment, choice and regular activity, other attention seekers (can) steel the energy away from the "chosen" path and Saturn will start express itself in its lowest expresion and create a feeling of resistance, frustration and block.

This is simply an invitation to rethink your chosen path, compare it to the other presented attention options, work on limiting beliefs felt through this resistance and (re)-commit to the chosen path with clear conviction and obvious reasons to move into that direction.

When you can bring the focus of "lack of Self discipline" back to the message of Saturn that "the path is not clear yet from objections", you can work conciously with this energy and let it help you to clear the mental clutter until there is no excuse any more to only move forward, hand in hand with Self discipline, towards the greatest feeling of freedom and find true abundance.

To let me help you with freeing yourself from the restricting energies that Saturn presents in your life, send me an email or book a session online.

Much Love,


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